Sapper School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)
Sapper School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)
Sapper School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)
Sapper School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)

Sapper School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)

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An 8-week Sapper Leaders Course fitness program specifically designed to prepare you for the rigorous conditions and extreme physical demands tested at one of the most difficult courses the US Army has to offer.

This fitness program focuses on significantly increasing one's dynamic and holistic strength. Main areas of emphasis are the core, ruck-march ability, V02 Max, and overall endurance.

Each week of this training program will consist of 6-days for training (many days with 2-workouts a day), and one rest day. This Sapper School training plan will focus on maximizing scoring potential for the SPFT (Sapper Physical Fitness Test) and the 12-Mile road march required for entrance into the school.

Training highlights

+ Specially designed warm-ups

+ Assessments before and after the training program

+ Critical functional and bodyweight exercises

+ Dynamic, full-body strength improvement

+ VO2 Max/fast-twitch cardio improvement sessions

+ Ruck march intensive with elevation specific training

+ Progressive increase in difficulty

soldiers at sapper school conducting a waterborne operation
sapper school students conducting patrolling operations

why this program works

Comprehensive and Structured

8x full weeks of day-by-day training. Every workout is provided for you. All you have to do is put in the work.

Full Spectrum Fitness

Training focused on improving endurance, strength, and speed while maintaining just the right amount of recovery to avoid injury or over-training.

Minimal Equipment Needed

All you will need is basic gym equipment (i.e. barbell, bench, squat rack, and dumbbells), a pull-up bar, and a ruck sack.

8-week sapper school fitness program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.




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Customer Reviews

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Jason Lee
Awesome program! Highly recommend!

I purchased the program after my friend used it to train up for Sapper. He got his tab and said the program was exactly right for train up, so I got it myself. I’m currently in EBOLC and am planning to go to Sapper School after, this program has been perfect for training up. Thanks!

Dustin Crosson
Got me through Sapper School

Used this plan as my train up for Sapper School, was successful on my first try and passed all PT events. I added in weighted ruck step ups on a 20" box to help with the hills on the 12 mile ruck as I had no hills in my area to ruck on. My base fitness before this plan was MTI plans and CrossFit.


Awesome well thought out program.

Solid Program

Recent Sapper graduate and thought the program was great. During GS phase, you’ll have to ruck to the Sapper classroom (about a mile or so) while carrying PLT equipment and water cans. If you have weak grip strength, definitely incorporate exercises that will target those deficiencies. Everything is points based in GS and there are multiple physical events they’ll have you do that have point values for each (SPFT, 5 mile run, 6 mile run, 3 mile boot run in OCPs, litter PT, boat PT, and the 12 mile ruck). This program will prepare you well for the runs and if you have issues academically with the demo exams, the physical events will be the difference between you passing GS and recycling.

Patrolling is a slugfest. You’ll ruck all the time with heavy weight with the little sleep during the 6-7 day FTX. You’ll get used to the weight during GS but this program will make that transition that much easier.

Gabriel Ramirez

This is a great workout hands down! Test your limits and motivates the hell out of you