The mission of Gritty Soldier Fitness is to prepare, educate, motivate, and inspire the modern-day, warrior-spirited individual through providing experience-based, science-backed fitness programming to enhance overall physical performance.

We are a team of extremely driven leaders who are passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. Everyday, we live, breath, and train to our motto, "EXCEED THE STANDARD."


Our motto is "exceed the standard." It is the foundation of everything that is Gritty Soldier Fitness. Simply meeting the standard is not enough. Here, we aim to do better than average, better than normal, better than just what is expected.

We also encourage others to carry the same mindset, to reach their goals and achieve success. Don't just meet the standard, exceed it.

The Founder

Dan founded Gritty Soldier Fitness in 2020, focused on providing experience-based fitness programs to those looking to improve tactical athleticism, physical strength, and overall endurance. His expertise in fitness is derived from over fifteen year's worth of top-tier fitness training and education, including training with the US Army Special Operations THOR and the US Army Master Fitness program. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (Gold Standard) and Certified Behavioral Change Specialist.

Years of working within Special Operations and multiple combat deployments has forced Dan to remain in top physical condition in order to carry out the country's hardest missions. His list of completed military training is extensive, highlighted by extreme survival techniques training, tactical readiness, and the infamous US Army Ranger School.

He's completed many endurance based challenges, including the Army's Best Ranger Competition, also known as "the Army Olympics" to those who know, twice the Bataan Death March Memorial trek in White Sands, the Kauai 50-mile Hawaii Island Race, and what is known to be the "oldest Special Forces challenge in the world," the Fan Dance in Wales, United Kingdom.

As a Purple Heart recipient, Dan understands and preaches the importance of resilience and dedication. His philosophy to physical training is to never quit, learn to embrace the suck, and understand that progress will always be found by those who put forth the effort. Dan is a fitness trainer and advocate with a high level of experience, integrity, and motivation who is dedicated to helping others to accomplish their fitness goals... because he knows they can do it.