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Bodyweight Warrior Fitness Program (8-Weeks)

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equipment is not necessary

The "Bodyweight Warrior" fitness program is 8-weeks of day-to-day, complete fitness exercise routines that require no equipment and no gym. It is a complete, total-body transformation program designed to maximize you physical fitness results.

This program focuses on the utilization of bodyweight only workouts, so that they can be performed by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and at ANYTIME!


+ 8x FULL WEEKS of day-by-day exercises

+ Structured and complete warm-ups and cool-down drills

+ Workouts programmed as "workouts of the day," or "WODs"

+ No equipment needed, period

+ Progressive jogging/running routines to increase cardio and burn fat

+ Effective, challenging, and diverse workouts

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"bodyweight warrior" fitness program

(Full program will be made available through PDF download upon payment)

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Customer Reviews

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Bill H
Training program

This is my first exercise program, next is 13 week ranger program. I enjoy the structure and the variety of this one. I had knee surgery last year and was a little nervous on how it would hold up. So far I feel better than I have in years! Keep up the great work! Thx

Jajuan Floyd
Bodyweight Warrior Great!

Great plan. I downloaded it to get into bodyweight for military prep for the Navy. I’ve been a avid lifter because of Varsity Football and neglected cals and running. So far this has gotten my endurance up! Running many miles a week and doing high numbers with my cals. I also took a PST and got some high cal numbers! Thanks Gritty!

Brian Cowell
Great travel program!

I've been doing this program on and off now for three weeks. So far it has been a great program especially with me traveling a lot this time of year. The only item I wish it did have was alternate movements/modifications to exercises. Overall o really enjoy this program.

Aryan Risner
One of the best

I purchased this program after doing the Sapper program and then the Run faster program and even though I doubted it would work for me it actually did make huge differences in my fitness. I'm very much a minimalist when it comes to exercise and this program does its job in a decent amount of time.

Sean Folan
Gritty Program for Inspired Soldiers

Firstly, this program rocked. I got got this program because I knew over my Christmas leave I wouldn’t have access to my usual gym and much equipment but didn’t want to keep all of the holiday weight. From day 1 I knew this was it! A doable program for any soldier or anyone that wants to test themselves outside of the usual free weight stuff! Everyday I was challenged and everyday I felt improvements. A straightforward body weight program that led to noticeable improvements in my stamina and strength. Highly recommend for anyone looking to really jolt their body and improve their fitness! Will be back for more !