Air Assault School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)
Air Assault School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)
Air Assault School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)

Air Assault School Fitness Program (8-Weeks)

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This 8-week Air Assault School Preparation Plan uses a structed and systematic approach that increases your physical abilities that will be specifically targeted and tested at the US Army's Air Assault School.

This fitness program has been specially created as a complete and comprehensive preparation plan to ensure the Air Assault student is not only capable of meeting all the standards, but exceeding them.

From Zero-day to the 12-Mile Ruck March, this program will ensure your readiness.

training highlights

1. Cardiovascular endurance and running improvement sessions.

2. Full-body strength training with emphasis on upper-body-strength (for rope climbing/handling).

3. Circuit training.

4. Increasing ruck-marching ability.

5. Multiple and consistent fitness assessments to track your progress.

soldier assisting with a rappelling operation at air assault school
soldier assisting another soldier during air assault school on the air assault tower

The program is designed to prepare you to exceed standards at all gates, including:

- 6-mile foot march with a 35lb ruck in under 1 hour and 20 minutes

- 12-mile foot march with a 35lb ruck sack in under 2 hours 50 minutes

- Run two miles of uneven terrain in under 17 minutes

- Be able to climb a 1 ½” vertical rope up to 16 feet

- Run four miles in under 35 minutes

Air Assault school fitness program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.

8 Week Air Assault Fitness Program Zero Day



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Customer Reviews

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Solomon Brown

I had soldiers within my platoon go through this program with me. My one soldier and myself have made it through at campbell! This is a great program and it’s just the right amount of suck to match the intensity of AA school. More of my soldiers will be doing this program that wish to go through AA.

DaJour Price

I love it so far. My battalion did an air assault train-up while I was doing this program. I can tell you this that this program will absolutely have you ready for the physical part of air assault. As long as you stick with the workouts plans and do little extra more reps or time, the results will show.

Jeff Jasmin

It was worth it. The workout gave you a clear picture of what to expect. My recommendation is that if you not use to rope climbing, find one and add to the workout.

Jonathan Matics
Air Assault!

Like Gritty says in his video, you need to show up in shape. If you don’t meet the times for the rucks and runs you are done. This train up definitely helped so much- ZERO regrets and glad I followed it. Thanks Gritty 🙏🏻🙏🏻

* just one additional note- make sure to work on climbing rope ( S hook).

Matthew Arrasmith
Great product

I'd say it definitely help with air assault, it improved my two mile and helped me overcome the obstacle course. The 12mile ruck was brutal and I feel without this product I would have been one of the dozen heat casualties in my class. Definitely a recommended product for sure.