"EMBRACE THE RUCK" Rucking Program (8-Weeks)
"EMBRACE THE RUCK" Rucking Program (8-Weeks)

"EMBRACE THE RUCK" Rucking Program (8-Weeks)

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It’s time to

Get your Ruck on

This 8-week rucking training program will help you achieve the completion of a 12-mile ruck march in under 2 hours and 45 minutes (or even faster for you high-speeds out there). This is not just for Soldiers, it is for ANYONE who is looking to increase their rucking/backpacking abilities and overall cardiovascular/muscular endurance. This plan includes not only the fitness programming, but also rucking tips, motivational quotes and images, sustainment advice, warm-ups/cool-downs, recovery and full bodyweight strength workouts. This is the most comprehensive rucking program available.

The training program's workouts are specifically designed to target the specific muscle groups and energy systems required to increase endurance and enhance your ability to move under load.

NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED. All you need is your ruck and some motivation (and more than likely, some discipline). With focus on variance of training and strategically placed workouts throughout the weeks, you'll see absolute progression in your rucking abilities!

training highlights

+ Goal-focused, to improve your overall 12-mile ruck time.

+ Hybrid-style training, entirely focused on rucking improvement

+ 2-3 rucks a week (short/long), 5x training days a week total

+ Bodyweight strength training workouts

+ VO2 MAX improvement sessions

+ Extreme variance in training (minimizes monotony, improves motivation/progression)

+ Tips for success & the Gritty Soldier "Rucking Triad"

+ Assembled and tested by Active Duty Soldiers

guy rucking in the city
3 soldiers rucking
rucksack by the ocean
grab your rucksack

NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED. All you need is your rucksack/backpack that is capable of carrying up to 55lbs.


Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.


Comprehensive and Structured

8x full weeks of day-by-day training. Every workout is provided for you. You need nothing else. All you have to do is put in the work.

hybrid fitness model
Hybrid-Focused Endurance

This plan takes a hybrid-fitness approach to the achievement of overall cardiovascular and muscular endurance. With emphasis on rucking improvement, this program hits every mark to total fitness.

gs rucking triad
The "Rucking Triad"

For those who are new to rucking, or even those who require reinvigoration, you'll be introduced to a whole new way to reach better health. Rucking improves physical, mental, and spiritual health!



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Customer Reviews

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Jason Tanksley
The perfect rucking program doesn't exis...

Nevermind, here it is! This 8-week program has it all; training terminology, warm-ups, cool-downs, nutrition, gear recommendations, links to free videos, and a SOLID 8-week, step-by-step course consisting of upper/lower body strength training and 2-3 rucks a week, designed to prepare you for the 12-mile ruck.

Having been infantry, I am not a stranger to rucking. However, at 47 years old, I can say that this program will benefit the beginner and those who can already crush a 12-mile ruck in under 3 hours.

Purchase this course, commit to it, and reap the benefits.

Medric Cousineau

Love the program.

Many of the so called Rucking Programs do not have a holistic approach.

Rucking require "Nose to Toes" fitness and many programs fail to build this in.

I am an old guy(60's) who is working hard to get my fitness level back. Objectives? Bataan Memorial Death March in 2025 is one. The other. To be able to hike 10 to 15 km a day in rugged country carrying my kit and not expiring.

Would I recommend Gritty Soldier. Damn Straight!

Embrace the Ruck. Embrace the Suck.


Loving this program!

Jesus Puga
Love This S**T!

As a someone that got out of the Marine Corps in 2016, I must say that I missed rucking! The name Embrace the Ruck is perfect, because it takes a total weirdo to like rucking and the misery that accompanies it. I'm right on track with moving onto week 2 of the program and I am loving this S**T! If all goes smooth as planned, I'll be national guard 11B in May 2024, and I'm truly enjoying my time getting back into rucking regularly. I have told many buddies about Gritty Soldier and his content. Bad ass, keep getting some soldier. I look forward to purchasing and completing all of his programs.

Clifford Young

Very happy to have this information as advanced beginner to rucking. I am looking for ways to increase my pace to a sub-15 minute per mile to meet standard. Right now, at about 16:30/mile, carrying 75 pounds at 62+ years of age. Was looking for any advantage I could get to keep up with you young guys. Great information is always provided whether rucking or anything else on the Gritty Solider network.