6-Week Ranger School Fitness Program
ranger school 6 week fitness program condensed timeline sample week
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6-Week Ranger School Fitness Program

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This is a 6-week "condensed" Ranger School fitness program specifically designed to prepare you for the demands of the most difficult training the US ARMY has to offer.

This program is great for anyone that is looking to significantly increase their endurance, strength, core, ruck-march ability, and overall cardiovascular abilities.

Each week will consist of a 6-days of training (many days with 2-workouts a day), with one rest day. Overall, the workload is designed to maximize gains for specific physical attributes that will be tested during school, while avoiding overtraining.

training highlights

+ Specially designed warm-ups

+ Critical functional and bodyweight exercises

+ Strength improvement hypertrophy workouts

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions

+ Long runs/ruck marches

+ Calisthenics intensive

+ Progressive increase in difficulty

soldiers at ranger school conducting rope bridge and water crossing
soldier doing the buddy run after the malvesti obstacle course at ranger school.
6-week ranger school fitness program

(Full program will be available as a PDF download upon payment)

6 week ranger school fitness program for condensed timeline training sample week



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Customer Reviews

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Great program!

So far so good, almost complete with week one. I love the progression that the program entails for rucking, running, lifting, etc.

Novelty Induced

Great routine! I will be doing a Ranger Assessment weekend in April. I wanted a military program (opposed to regular strength and cardio programs I've done) to prepare me and this is perfect. It incorporates proper strength loading phases and improves my run time. The sprints are really helping my distance running and the ruck progressions are helping me find my own pace (shuffle/walk) while rucking. My plan is to return to my previous training routine after April and return to this program (or the 13 week) before I go to FA BOLC to compare my results.

Kaleb Carlson
Absolutely Gritty Workout Program

I've completed this program twice and it's my go-to fitness plan if I have a condensed timeline to train. I used this plan to prepare myself physically/mentally for IBOLC and it was the perfect choice. I would definitely recommend checking out the 13-week Gritty Soldier Ranger School Program if you have the time. If time is an issue, I wouldn't hesitate to get this plan. I completed both the 13-week and 6-week plans and I saw phenomenal results at the end of each program. If you are put in a place where time is an issue and you need to timely results for your physical performance, then I would hands-down recommend this workout plan. I know I'll use this plan again when I will prepare for Ranger School. Stay Gritty!

Garrett Cushman

Great Program thus far! Entering week 3 and definitely getting the most out of the program. Pace is key with this program. Just as the preface states, if you need to rest then rest. I’ve found it beneficial to do the rucks and runs in the morning and then the remaining days workout in the afternoon. This is only because of my work schedule. I would highly recommend this program if you’re trying to get in the best shape possible for school. Stay Gritty

Get Results

Don’t risk your chances on earning the tab. A majority of the guys fail because they are not in shape. The 6-week program is designed to prevent that and are for Soldiers that need a quick program. I’d absolutely recommend for those serious about fitness. Stay gritty out there.