13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program
13 week ranger school fitness program sample
13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program

13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program

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This is a 13-week Ranger School physical training program specifically designed to prepare you for the demands of the most difficult training the US ARMY has to offer.

This program is great for anyone that is looking to significantly increase their endurance, strength, core, ruck-march ability, and overall cardiovascular abilities.

Each week will consist of a 6-days of training (many days with 2-workouts a day), with one rest day. Overall, the workload is designed to maximize gains for specific physical attributes that will be tested during school, while avoiding overtraining.

training highlights

+ Specially designed warm-ups

+ Critical functional and bodyweight exercises

+ Strength improvement hypertrophy workouts

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions

+ Long runs/ruck marches

+ Calisthenics intensive

+ Progressive increase in difficulty


Comprehensive and Structured

13x full weeks of day-by-day training. Every workout is provided for you. All you have to do is put in the work.

Full Spectrum Fitness

Training focused on improving endurance, strength, and speed while maintaining just the right amount of recovery to avoid injury or over-training.

Minimal Equipment Needed

All you will need is basic gym equipment (i.e. barbell, bench, squat rack, and dumbbells), a pull-up bar, and a ruck sack.

13-week ranger school fitness program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.



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Customer Reviews

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good workout plan but not the best

I love Gritty. He's a great dude and very motivational guy. However, i don't think this was the absolute best plan out there. I did feel ready for RAP week and passed but didnt feel the i was prepped well enough for the 12 mile ruck or just darby rucking in general. I also felt the workouts included we're pretty random. My suggestions would be to put organize the workouts a bit more and also add more push ups (i didnt think push ups once a week was enough). Thanks gritty!


I had a 5 year break in service to finish college and came back in. During my break, I didn't keep up with my physical fitness as much as I wanted to (and I wasn't forced to do any PT/prepare for PT tests to motivate me). After I commissioned back in, I realized I was not in the shape I was in previously, especially my ruck and running after attending some Army schools. I watched countless vids on YouTube with Gritty Soldier to improve my ruck/run and decided to try one of his programs and thought the Ranger Fitness program would be a good start (having already a decent Army fitness foundation). I'm on the final weeks of the program and I feel more than confident to physically keep up with any Army school, even Ranger school if had the opportunity. Every week is a build up of the previous week, allowing my body to safely adjust to each demand. My body feels better than ever, I highly recommend. Thank you Gritty Soldier, hope you have a meet and greet event at Liberty soon!

Corey Gulley

The thirteen-week training plan has motivated me to train with more intensity and intelligence. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of the ruck plan along with this one, as I've noticed improvements in my VO2 max, even though I'm just in week four. As a professional boxer, this program has reinforced the importance of functional fitness and weight training. Typically, a fighter concentrates on calisthenics, but I understand the necessity for enduring strength that taps into energy systems beyond the immediate ones. In summary, I would rate this program as five stars, brother.

Nice work

I am training for Ranger school post IBOLC. I enjoy the fact that I am taking the steps necessary to be the best leader I can be. If I miss a day, what is the best way to get back on track? What do my nutrition goals need to be in order to make the most of my workouts?

Excellent program

Excellent progression. It starts off a little light but steadily builds the volume and intensity. So many programs have you go hard from the start (and every day after) which is a recipe for over training. In pretty much every A&S there’s an equal spilt between guys who show up underprepared and those who are already broke and burned out from overtraining. TBH, the under prepared guys have a better chance of finishing because they’re not broke down.
This program does an excellent job of steady progression. If you follow it, you’ll show up physically prepared and with plenty in the tank to carry you through.