13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program
13 week ranger school fitness program sample week of traning
13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program

13-Week Ranger School Fitness Program

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This is a 13-week Ranger School physical training program specifically designed to prepare you for the demands of the most difficult training the US ARMY has to offer.

This program is great for anyone that is looking to significantly increase their endurance, strength, core, ruck-march ability, and overall cardiovascular abilities.

Each week will consist of a 6-days of training (many days with 2-workouts a day), with one rest day. Overall, the workload is designed to maximize gains for specific physical attributes that will be tested during school, while avoiding overtraining.

training highlights

+ Specially designed warm-ups

+ Critical functional and bodyweight exercises

+ Strength improvement hypertrophy workouts

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions

+ Long runs/ruck marches

+ Calisthenics intensive

+ Progressive increase in difficulty


Comprehensive and Structured

13x full weeks of day-by-day training. Every workout is provided for you. All you have to do is put in the work.

Full Spectrum Fitness

Training focused on improving endurance, strength, and speed while maintaining just the right amount of recovery to avoid injury or over-training.

Minimal Equipment Needed

All you will need is basic gym equipment (i.e. barbell, bench, squat rack, and dumbbells), a pull-up bar, and a ruck sack.

13-week ranger school fitness program
sample week

(Full program will be available as a PDF download upon payment)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Andrew Reid
Prepping for RSRE

Grittysoldier, thank you for the 13 week prep. I just finished up week three headed into week four. Even though RSRE isn't until September the fact I have this program I'll continue to do until the big day.

Kyle K
Can you doubt the regimen?

How can you doubt the regimen when this guy knows the ropes. Don’t push yourself in the beginning though and get injured , especially cause sprints are started on day 1.

Cameron Bryant
Great training plan and easy to implement

I’m using this to train for the physical aspect of the ESB. I have been slacking on the weights and not clocking many miles on runs or rucks, I also recently recovered from a hamstring injury. In three weeks I have surpassed where I was in the weight room and have surprised myself on my runs and rucks. This plan is great for anyone because you choose your weight and how hard you push yourself, don’t sell yourself short and you will see great results.

Hard training that delivers results

Before I started the program my 5 mile time was 45 minutes and easily my weakest event on the RPFT. I’m in week 13 of the program and I just finished my 5 mile run in 37:29. There were days I’d pull up the workout for the day, look at the run times or set and rep schemes, and think “this Gritty Soldier guy is f**king crazy.” But it works and I’m living proof that if you stick with the program it will get you closer to your Ranger School goals.

William Lewis
Crawl , walk , run

Great regime I can really feel my endurance both for strength and conditioning increase with total push-ups increasing to 60 in two mins and 7 pull-ups and an 8 min mile which are all much improved. I would recommend list to buy before starting this process for those not yet in the military like myself a good Ruck sack that will last . Solid running shoe recommendation and maybe more along the lines of supplementation to help with the recovery time with the 6 day workouts. I am really enjoying the regime and I am seeing progress thank you gritty.