Military Preparation Fitness Program (12-Weeks)
Military Preparation Fitness Program (12-Weeks)

Military Preparation Fitness Program (12-Weeks)

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This is a 12-week military readiness physical training program that focuses on preparing you for the physical requirements required in order to successfully navigate the challenges of basic military and service academy training. Areas of focus include overall strength, endurance, and VO2 MAX (cardio).

This day-by-day military fitness program provides fully-guided workouts strategically staggered in order to increase performance while maintaining proper recovery.

Consistent upgrades to performance goals and benchmark testing throughout this fitness program will allow you to see your results as you move forward throughout the training program and ensure you are more than ready for military service.

training highlights

+ Resistance-training using free-weights and machines

+ Bodyweight workouts using AMRAPs and TABATA drills

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions (sprints)

+ Ruck march days focused on building bone-density and overall endurance

+ Baseline testing days to monitor your progress and gather new data to use to ensure continuous improvement

soldiers in the field during basic training learning about tactics
soldiers conducting the obstacle course at basic tarining
"military preparation" fitness program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.




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Customer Reviews

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Mr Jack Dymond
Good but not excellent.

In all honesty, this programme is good, but not excellent.
It contains a good variety of exercises that will, on the whole, have you prepared for the military. It does what it says on the tin.
However, it also misses some elements which could make it better.

One - This program is given to you in a PDF format, making it difficult to amend or edit when completing your workouts. If it was an Excel or Google Sheets format, you could edit it on your phone on the fly instead of printing or recording it and completing it later in the day.

Two, it misses elements of RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) for the weight training exercises. You're given a percentage for your runs, but nothing for your weight training. It would help to know how hard you need to push yourself on the various exercises - Do I lift until complete failure on the last defined repetition (RPE 10) or use enough weight to leave 3-4 reps in the tank (RPE 6-7). This would help.

This programme is designed for people with little to no fitness history who wish to prepare for the military.
Aside from that, Gritty has a decent program, so I rate it four stars.


Jessica Lee
Great For Everyone

I’m [probably lol] not joining the military, but I bought this program and I love it. I’m only on week 3, but have already seen major improvements and am really enjoying it. I’m a somewhat advanced level weight trainer (PL/BB style), but have gotten really bored with it. I crave a challenge and I’ve never been into endurance training/cardio/calisthenics, and recently decided I want to start doing them to become a well rounded athlete. I knew I could’ve created a program myself, but wanted to take the guess work out and I find it easier to stay committed when doing an organized program. I spent a long time looking for programs online, and really liked the military style training programs because they incorporate strength, calisthenics, endurance, and cardio. I decided on this one because of how simple/easy it is to follow and it’s not overcomplicated like many are. It’s simple and effective which I appreciate. The strength training days are fun and simple, sprint workouts are a new challenge, running is becoming something I enjoy, calisthenics are getting better, and ruck days are usually hikes for me, which is always a good time. I’m brutally sore every week and loving the challenge of the new training style. I’m really looking forward to seeing where I’m at at the end of this program, given I’ve already progressed so much. With my knowledge of the basic level of fitness suggested for anyone preparing for basic training for any military branch and coming from any level of fitness, this program will definitely get you to a great baseline. I highly recommend for anyone interested in creating a solid foundation of fitness.

Brian Cowell
Prep for Get Selected

So far I enjoyed the program as I found it is a great program to start before beginning SF training. I've been doing a lot of ACFT/weight training so going back to that basic military fitness is preparing me more for SF. I enjoy this program and give it five stars. The only thing I would add is alternative movements and workouts for thos traveling without access to a gym.

Miguel Sanchez
Basic Training Preparation

This program definitely is not disappointing. I was unfit before deciding to join the Army, however with this program and being on a healthier diet. I can say I’m beginning to feel ready for basic training. Going on to week 4 and I can say without a doubt I can pass the ACFT. I also feel less nervous going now, knowing that I’m going to be physically fit. The program is built extremely well. I recommend this program 100% if you are heading to basic.

Trevor Edwards
Hurting in places that I forgot could hurt

I’m a fairly active guy but I bought this in prep for Army Basic and OCS later this year just to make sure I’d be set. Holy crap I’m hurting in places that I haven’t been sore in for years. Saw improvements in my base levels very quickly.