March for a Purpose | USO | Jun 27, 2020


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March for a Purpose is a fundraiser hosted by Gritty Soldier that raises donations through ruck marching miles. It is an event geared towards inspiring others to accomplish their goals, increasing awareness of social programs, and gaining assistance for community outreach through fundraising. This is the 2nd March for a Purpose. It will take place 27 June 2020 (a Saturday).

This event will focus on raising funds to be donated to the United Service Organization (USO). Every dollar raised through this event will be donated to the USO and future GS programs.


The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation. The USO helps military families stay connected. Service members, their children, spouses, friends and families all benefit from the USO and their relentless contributions.This is a very important mission and it relies on the support and generosity of Americans like you who can make the difference.

Gritty Soldier is dedicated to the USO’s mission and will do what it takes to earn your support. This is where the “teamwork to make the dream work” comes into play...

For every $10 donated to this cause, he will march with a full 45lb Army-issued rucksack one mile, up to 100 miles, in one day. The more that is donated, the more Gritty Soldier will be required to March. He is ready to put in that work to earn as much donations as possible! Plus, every participant to donate will receive a FREE Gritty Soldier Patch as a thank you. This patch is high quality with Velcro on its back, which makes it easy to display (proudly).

This time, the March will take place through the Franklin Mountains in Texas, well-known for its high elevation, rocky conditions and rough terrain. The high heat will also be a major challenge to overcome during the March, as it is expected to reach an upwards of 100 degrees.The March will be planned to the highest of scrutinization to ensure the safety of the marcher and will be documented using iPhone and GoPro systems. Rest assured all precautionary measures will be in place to ensure the March is successful and safe.

Gritty Soldier will put in the work for your contributions, help him support the USO and it’s mission to support service members at home and abroad! Let’s do this! Let’s make this event a great success!

This event is scheduled to begin the morning of 27 June 2020 and will accept donations until that time.

Go To GoFundMe Fundraiser Page