Personalized Training

You've got goals, but you're not sure how to get there. That's where we come in. We will build the program for you, all you have to do is PUT IN THE WORK!


We'll take the "guess-work" out of your training routine by providing professionally built, uniquely-tailored fitness programming designed specifically to help you achieve the results you are searching for. Competitions, physical challenges, military schools/selections... we can help you get where you need to be!

man doing monkey bars at spartan race


Gritty Soldier Personal Training


Receive completely personalized day-by-day training delivered to you on your mobile device using the TrueCoach app. This programming is fluid, and is adjustable based on your performance and life-circumstances. You also have access to YOUR COACH during the your entire subscription, however long you choose to receive your training. Receive a minimum of 2x consults per month to ensure maximization of progress! "Like having a personal trainer in your pocket."


-100% personalized and delivered directly to your cell-phone

-Adjustable and comprehensive scheduling, this is YOUR TRAINING

-Video examples for exercises and clear, concise instruction for every workout

-Simple to use app interface, letting you focus on the workout at hand

-Designated training Coach who will plan your workouts, track your progress


Quickly log into your workouts, review past results, post comments, or ask questions all from the TrueCoach mobile app (included with Remote Coaching). Video examples exercises for reference, progress reports, and a totally customizable experience.


Every person is unique. We carefully analyze your current fitness level, available time and equipment, and your desired goals when programming your fitness plan in order to maximize your potential for results. We know how important your goals are, and we want you to SUCCEED!

man about to do pushups
soldiers completing a ruck march together and celebrating


"We did it Dan!! We completed all the obstacles and didn't fail one. We spent a good time helping others up and other too, it was a ton of fun. Thank you Dan, seriously couldn't have done this without you."

tough mudder client testimonial for gritty soldier fitness
Jeff T. (Tough Mudder/Spartan Racer) (Soon to be US Army Ranger)

"The workouts were exactly what I needed. I was one of the most in-shape people there. Thanks again man, you're awesome."

jason and margie testimonial photo
Jason M. (Army Infantry Officer/SOF Selecetd)

-Military Service Schools/Academies-

-Long Distance Run/Rucking Challenges-

-Body Transformations-

-Special Operations Forces-

-Police Academies/SWAT-

-Obstacle Course/Races-

-Just Looking for a Trainer-

trained client completing a spartan race
soldiers from the 75th ranger regiment prepare to board a chinook for exfil


My schedule changes often due to my work so finding workout routines that I can actually accomplish and gain results has always been an issue. Gritty Soldier took the time to figure out a routine that worked. I know the owner he’s extremely dedicated. Always recommend.

sean callis (gritty soldier fitness client)sitting and playing on cell phone
Sean C. (Artist, Influencer)

"Got selected! Thank you! Couldn’t have done it without your help and guidance!"

gritty soldier client testimonial photo
Conner R. (SFAS, Selected)

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You'll receive a response ASAP, because we don't believe in wasted time. We are standing by to help you reach your goals!

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Professional Programming

We believe that experience AND education are equally important. Every program is held to our "EXCEED THE STANDARD" motto.