"Military BUILD Sequence" Strength Program (12-Weeks)
12-week military build sequence program sample

"Military BUILD Sequence" Strength Program (12-Weeks)

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A complete 12-week strength training program that focuses heavily on achieving increased strength, power, and improved physique through proven, science-backed muscle building techniques.

This program will introduce strategically placed and continuous exposure to progressive overload in the form of resistance training and fast-twitch cardio sessions.

Following a strict "sequence" of professionally studied and proven strength training techniques, this powerful muscle building program cycles though hypertrophy, power, and maximum output phases with perfection.

A testament to military strength, power, and grit, the "Military BUILD Sequence" is a strength training program that delivers true and undeniable results.

training highlights

+ Heavy resistance-training using free-weights and machines

+ Progressive building structure to achieve continuous results

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions (sprints)

+ AMRAP-style workouts using critical bodyweight exercises to enhance hypertrophy

+ Power-focused strength training sessions to increase your anabolic state and instigate muscle growth

+ GUIDED instruction for each workout to ensure proper training and maximize results!

The program is executed in 3 PHASES:

Phase 1: Introduction to Hypertrophy (4 weeks). Mid-range rep-count, multiple dynamic resistance training techniques.

Phase 2: Increased Power (4 weeks). Mid to high-range rep-count, more "full-body lifts."

Phase 3: Maximum Output (4 weeks). Low to high-range rep-count, focusing on maximum lift ability and cardiovascular output (VO2 Max).

Each phase includes 6 working days and 1 rest day per week. No more then 1 cardio-focused day per week.

"Military build sequence" 12-week strength training program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.

"Military build sequence" 12-week strength training program

This program comes to you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful (and more).

Well organized and fully functional, with training guidance, references, and "jump to" quick links to get you right back into your next workout.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bradley Brostoski

I originally got the 13week ranger workout for My son to use. After the fact I decided to try it myself, after completing I made a goal to try a complete each Gritty workout program. Each one I have tried has pushed to a new level. I like the idea of having a goal to reach every day, and that it actually works. I'm on the first month of this program and already seeing gains.

Brian Cowell
Helped out a buddy

I had originally bought this for myself. I shared it with a friend and he loves it. He says it has been a big help getting back into it. He also said he has seen an increase in strength and size.

The Military Build Sequence

This training plan is great and user friendly. Split into daily workouts with tips and mental ques to keep me on track for the most GAINS. With that being said, you best be assured that my rest days were marked on the calendar!

Alex Velasquez
3 week review

I rather give a few weeks before my review and so far I love this program. Am a local recruiter and I have not worked out over a year. Now getting back into shape I lost weight and got muscles and now feel better and definitely worth the price. Thanks!

Scott Smith
Great weight lifting program

I have absolutely loved this program! I am on my 3rd time through it now and it is still just as AWESOME as the first time! I wasn’t much of a gym goer when I started it the first time round, and having a program like this helped so much! Using YouTube, I was able to figure out how to do each exercise. This program converted me to the gym. Over the last year I have gained a significant amount of muscle but more importantly I have made HUGE strength gains. The program is broken up into several groups of weeks with different exercises that will keep exercises from getting monotonous. Definitely well worth the price! It has changed my life!