"Military BUILD Sequence" Strength Program (12-Weeks)
12-week military build sequence program sample

"Military BUILD Sequence" Strength Program (12-Weeks)

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A complete 12-week strength training program that focuses heavily on achieving increased strength, power, and improved physique through proven, science-backed muscle building techniques.

This program will introduce strategically placed and continuous exposure to progressive overload in the form of resistance training and fast-twitch cardio sessions.

Following a strict "sequence" of professionally studied and proven strength training techniques, this powerful muscle building program cycles though hypertrophy, power, and maximum output phases with perfection.

A testament to military strength, power, and grit, the "Military BUILD Sequence" is a strength training program that delivers true and undeniable results.

training highlights

+ Heavy resistance-training using free-weights and machines

+ Progressive building structure to achieve continuous results

+ VO2 Max improvement sessions (sprints)

+ AMRAP-style workouts using critical bodyweight exercises to enhance hypertrophy

+ Power-focused strength training sessions to increase your anabolic state and instigate muscle growth

+ GUIDED instruction for each workout to ensure proper training and maximize results!

The program is executed in 3 PHASES:

Phase 1: Introduction to Hypertrophy (4 weeks). Mid-range rep-count, multiple dynamic resistance training techniques.

Phase 2: Increased Power (4 weeks). Mid to high-range rep-count, more "full-body lifts."

Phase 3: Maximum Output (4 weeks). Low to high-range rep-count, focusing on maximum lift ability and cardiovascular output (VO2 Max).

Each phase includes 6 working days and 1 rest day per week. No more then 1 cardio-focused day per week.

"Military build sequence" 12-week strength training program

Track your training easily and effectively, with EVERYTHING available at your fingertips.

Full program will be delivered as an e-book download upon payment. The program is also printable.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Scott Smith
Great weight lifting program

I have absolutely loved this program! I am on my 3rd time through it now and it is still just as AWESOME as the first time! I wasn’t much of a gym goer when I started it the first time round, and having a program like this helped so much! Using YouTube, I was able to figure out how to do each exercise. This program converted me to the gym. Over the last year I have gained a significant amount of muscle but more importantly I have made HUGE strength gains. The program is broken up into several groups of weeks with different exercises that will keep exercises from getting monotonous. Definitely well worth the price! It has changed my life!

Scott Smith
Great program!

I have tried a lot of these. And I definitely have to say. This one is the closest to what I need. Cardio is exactly what I need. The weight lifting program I have to adjust a little bit because I do 5 days with 2 days off. So shoulders and arms tend to be on chest and back days. But this is a seriously good program. And what I wanted to do was to get back as close as I could to my Corps condition level, 35 years later.


I don't get to start until Monday because of a really crazy schedule. But I'm really anxious to try this out. What I've read. It is looking like it's gonna be an awesome program for me and exactly what I was looking for. It may be a rather intense workout that I do on my days off. So I have the time to really put in to it. And then just do the maintaining ones from my routine on my work days. But this is well worth the price. And i'm gonna get other ones as well.

Austin Shell
20 day review

The workout plan is great. Has a great work pace laid out and helps you to push your own limits.


Great program, easy to access