March for a Purpose

Members of this group support and participate in “March for a Purpose” events hosted by Gritty Soldier. The events focus on raising awareness for various service member support programs, increases resilience through fitness and teamwork, and allows participants to challenge themselves through fitness! This is a group that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can join, as the events are done virtually!

Completing a March for a Purpose event is not only honorable for these reasons, but you also earn a yourself a patch show off your accomplishment! If you really go above and beyond, there are special patches/tabs you can earn as a Top Tier Marcher (i.e. The Gritty Tab, 1st Place Patches, etc.).

This group is a community of “doers.” We “accept the challenge, will not quit, will finish strong, for ourselves and for them!” Resilience, fortitude, and dedication to the purpose drives our commitment to reach the end goal!

Raising awareness for veteran suicide:

To participate March for a Purpose events, join the Facebook Group:

Gritty Soldier - March for a Purpose