The 5 Best, Low-Cost Snacks that Will Fuel You During Your Ruck March

The 5 Best, Low-Cost Snacks that Will Fuel You During Your Ruck March

The Best, Most-Cost Effective Snacks You Should Bring on a Ruck March

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While there are many important factors that go into proper planning for becoming a better ruck marcher, ensuring you pack the right snacks is something you should consider as a critical aspect to fueling “on-the-move,” without breaking the bank. 


Stroop Waffles

  1. Stroop Waffles

You ever heard of Honey Stingers? Well, these are even better, and ever CHEAPER! These things are awesome. These Dutch snacks are small, easy to eat, digest quickly, and taste amazing. High in quick carbs, and moderate fats, these are perfect snacks to sustain you for long distance events, and they only cost a little more than $3.00 for a pack of 8. Legit-ness in a box! Get them at most grocery stores.

Quick Snapshot

  • 150 cal: 6g fat, 23g carb, >1g protein
  • $3 for a box or 8
  • Found at most grocery stores


  1. Skittles

Yes, skittles. Cheap, easy to pack, and provides a quick-to-instant energy boost fueled by sugar. You can find them anywhere, even in MREs , and in multiple flavors. The great thing with these is that you can eat a few at a time, and save the rest for later. They won’t melt easy on hot days, and even if they do, they are still good! Chewy and easy to eat, these are a no-brainer for the budget-conscience endurance athlete.

Quick Snapshot

  • 250 cal: 2.5g fat, 56g carb, 0g protein
  • $1
  • Found EVERYWHERE, even in MREs

Sport Gels

  1. Sport Gels

Pocket-sized, easy to get down, and excellent for a quick pick-me up. Usually only a buck or two, you can get these in multiple flavors and usually can find them with a little caffeine boost to increase your energy even further. These are great even when you’re out of breath, as they go down so easy. Pure carbs!

Quick Snapshot

  • ~100 cal: 0g fat, 23g carb, 0g protein
  • ~$1
  • Found online, in some store (Walmart) and on post (PX)

 Jelly Beans

  1. Jelly Beans

Fist of all, who doesn’t like jelly beans? Get them in many different flavors, cheap, and perfect high quick-carb content. They won’t melt (unless its like over 100 degrees) and they are super easy to chew and digest. Get them literally anywhere.

Quick Snapshot

  • ~110 cal: 0g fat, 27g carb, 0g protein
  • ~$1

 Gummy Bears

  1. Gummy Bears

These are awesome because they are chewy, you can suck on them, and they deliver a very good energy boost. They even have a little protein in them! They might melt on you, which is truly the only downfall…. But besides that, these are a top snack you should be using to fuel yourself during your ruck!

Quick Snapshot

  • ~100 cal: 0g fat, 23g carb, 2g protein
  • ~$1

 Dan Fahey


Author: CPT Dan Fahey

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  • Griff

    I would get and use the individual sized packets of honey

  • Greg

    Pinole or Pozol powder would actually be a better option then all of these. Check out @maizeria for more info

  • David Tyner

    I used to put instant coffee, sugar, and instant creamer into a sandwich bag with a swist tie.
    I would pour it into my mouth, wash it down with canteen water and keep on keepen on.

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